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Heinonen Guitars

T. Drew Heinonen | MN, USA

Before Drew started up his brand in MN, USA, he learned a lot from legendary luthiers of our time. He spent two years working with Jim Olson on all aspects of the build process, from layout to the final setup of strings. During those two seasons, he worked on over 80 guitars together with Jim. Previous to his time at Olson Guitars, Drew spent nearly four and a half years working at Bourgeois Guitars of Dana Bourgeois.

T. Drew Heinonen's journey as a guitar builder began as a senior in college with a course entitled "The Physics of Sound," a lab based study including a wide range of acoustic properities- sound wave propagation, harmonic and overtone relationships and structure, vibrational patterns of plates, strings, and air, instrument and vocal functionality- and culminating in a final project analyzing the resonant frequencies and responsiveness of his own guitar.