Milkman Sound The Amp 100W



The Amp 100 is the new high power addition to The Amp model line that set the standard for pedalboard-sized tube/Class D hybrid guitar amps in 2018. Maximum wattage has been increased to 100w and an integrated FET boost circuit and dual control reverb has been added. A black finish with Walnut end panels and silver knobs completes the new look.

In the Amp 100, an internal FET boost starts at unity gain and can work as an ‘always on’ EQ sweetener, subtly boosting midrange frequencies, or as a powerful drive pushing the 12AX7 tube into full saturation. The boost sits between the triodes of the preamp tube. Placing the boost internally preserves interaction between the instrument input and the first tube stage, and also increases headroom so that The Amp 100 can still work well with an external drive and boost pedals.

The Amp 100 has a dual control reverb system, adding control for decay time as well as a reverb blend. The decay control ranges from a short room-like reverb sound to a full tank spring splash with the classic drip.

The Amp 100 shares all of the great features of The Amp: a studio-quality line output with cabinet simulation, pedal level output, headphone output, and universal power.

This amp is available for pre-order. We take your payment now and will get in touch once the amp is ready to be shipped.

This one will be shipped out from the US. 


  • Model: Milkman Sound The Amp 100W

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